R|CAT is a consulting practice. R|CAT provides regulatory strategy and advocacy, project feasibility analyses, and permitting/compliance management services to address issues pertaining to air quality, energy project development and environmental communications.

Learn more about R|CAT’s services in air quality, energy projects, environmental communications, and behavior design. Contact us over here.


R|CAT is committed to an Environmental Strategic Planning process – a proactive approach to balancing business’ current environmental compliance requirements and financial objectives, while anticipating trends in the competitive energy industry and future environmental protection concerns.

STRATEGIC APPROACH. R|CAT provides creative solutions to clients’ environmental decision-making and communication issues associated with air quality, environmental, and energy projects. R|CAT specializes in strategic planning involving regulatory/policy interpretations and advocacy, project feasibility analyses and permitting. Objectives include reducing compliance costs, developing efficient environmental management programs, promoting sound engineering solutions, ensuring project acceptance, and conducting research for advocacy and communication endeavors.

EFFECTIVE PROJECT TEAMS for CROSS-CUTTING ISSUES. R|CAT understands that in addition to air quality there are other environmental regulatory concerns and requirements. R|CAT brings together its associates with diverse expertise and talents to address fast-track and complex project efforts. Results-oriented project teams are formed and managed to reduce potential project delays, streamline the environmental approval process while productively negotiating with agencies, promote clients’ objectives, and address community concerns and interests. R|CAT project teams seek opportunities where the project outcome can benefit regulated businesses, affected communities and agencies.

  • Air quality permitting, e.g., NSR, PSD, Title IV, Title V (major, synthetic minor), permit review and comments, permit acquisition, air quality modeling coordination, project management
  • Compliance demonstration, e.g., behavior-based compliance practices, compliance program review and evaluation, behavior-based safety
  • Emission reductions/credits, e.g., rule/policy analyses, candidate source identification, due diligence, feasibility analyses
  • Environmental communications, e.g., agency negotiations, outreach, risk communication, evaluation of energy products and services, inter-agency project management, meaningful involvement for environmental justice
  • Power generation, e.g., combined heat & power, distributed generation, distributed energy resources, peaker, baseload, storage technologies, alternatives to fossil fuel-fired technologies, pollution control technologies
  • Project management, e.g., environmental support for construction, installation, operations; support for inter-agency communications; public involvement for communities and organizations
  • Regulatory strategy/advocacy, e.g., rule interpretation, due diligence, supporting EIR/EIS, environmental/governmental affairs, rulemaking procedures

Thanks for taking the time to get to learn about R|CAT evolving. Learn more about our services in air qualityenvironmental communicationsenergy projects, and behavior design. Contact us over here.


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