Supplier Diversity – Clearinghouse Status at 70% Complete

About this status update. This post presents R|CAT’s updated status since beginning the application process. On December 5, R|CAT provided an interim status of its application.

On December 6 (as expected), R|CAT received an email reminder about the status of its Clearinghouse application. Why “as expected”? The Clearinghouse has sent two email reminders about the status (incomplete) of R|CAT’s application. December 6 represented eight days since receiving the most recent email reminder. R|CAT began the application process with the Supplier Clearinghouse application on November 12. deletion dateR|CAT’s deadline for completing and submitting its application is in February.


In the beginning on November 12, 0% complete.

Sec3_BEFORE 12-06

On November 15, after initial efforts to complete application, 65% complete (although not listed in the main summary).

Sec3_AFTER 12-06

On December 6, after completing two additional Section 3, Business Profile, items.

Completing Seventy Percent

Sec3_AFTER 12-06 70percentTo date, R|CAT is at the 70% completeness status. After adding information for two items in Section 3, Business Profile – (1) date established (3.B.) and (2) indicate local business, contractor and professional license(s) (3.H.) – R|CAT reached seventy percent.

For accuracy and correctness, R|CAT will seek clarification for these two items as follows:

    1. Date established – Is this (a) establishing the sole proprietorship, prior to establishing the dba Resource Catalysts; (b) the formal dba public notice publication (or end of comment period) in 1994, (c) the corporation filing date with the California Secretary of State, or (d) the completeness date of obtaining corporate status with the State?
    2. Business license – R|CAT’s local city business license does not have an issuance date. Rather, the license only lists a May 31, 2016 expiration date.

Thirty Percent Into the Home Stretch

SuppClear_MandatoryDocsMeanwhile, the additional thirty percent remaining include compiling mandatory, required documents –

    • copy of bank account signature card, or letter from your bank verifying person(s) authorized to sign checks and the number of signatures required
    • evidence of personal capital contributions (such as cancelled checks) or an explanation and substantiating evidence of other consideration given to acquire ownership interest in the business (initial investment).
    • most recent federal tax returns IN FULL, for Corporations – Form 1120, 1120A, or 1120S, including all statements and applicable schedules
    • notarized, verification agreement and affidavit of application

R|CAT next steps include obtaining (another copy of the) bank account signature card, an explanation/evidence of initial investment and ownership, and a copy of 2014 federal tax returns (with previous years tax returns since 2006 available).


About this post. This is one of several posts (overview) sharing R|CAT’s afternoons of in real time blogging about certifying entities and their certification criteria.


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