Stacks – R|CAT Wants to Work with Stacks

got stacksThanks @EUEConference. Having returned from speaking at the EUEC 2015 San Diego Conference last week, I have been following up with (and responding to) those for which I have reconnected –

  • former clients (e.g., project developers, consulting firms, law firms)
  • former subcontractors,
  • former source test firms who served past R|CAT clients
  • former interns and associates, and
  • friends, of which several of the “former” folks have become friends throughout the years. (Thank you for your friendship.)

I also have continued to re-establish my business, e.g., professional liability insurance, banking and accounting, small business certifications, digital presence, more detailed qualifications and standard rate sheet, etc.

And as observed by a friend whom I met through R|CAT in 2000, many of our colleagues and friends who are still in the environmental and energy business have either moved on to another business endeavor(s) and/or moved up in his/her organizational hierarchy.

Bob Finken_EUECCase in point – Bob Finken*

I met Bob when he was with Delta Air Quality Services, Inc. (Delta) as President and CEO. Bob and his folks provided source test services for many of my San Diego cogen and simple-cycle power plant projects back in the day (and still does for many of them). In October 2014, Delta was acquired by Montrose Environmental Group, Inc. (Montrose). Bob now serves as Montrose’s Managing Director of Air Quality Services. I learned Bob was at EUEC when I saw he was on the same panel as another colleague speaking.

Gotta love conferences! Gotta love stacks!

* DISCLOSURE: I have NOT been asked to post this on behalf of Bob or Montrose. Thank you Montrose for the “got stacks?” tee.


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