Until April 2014 – At EPA for 6 years, 8 months

Business Buzz. Since deciding to re-establish R|CAT, my activities have included not only organizing the administrative and business infrastructure (e.g., accounting, banking, corporate papers, equipment purchases, IRS recordkeeping, professional liability insurance, standard contract language, etc.) but also preparing qualifications and outreach efforts. This blog is part of those activities. This post is about updating my qualifications.


1510541_10152073708282863_704820407_nI have a LinkedIn profile.

Last year, when I left EPA in April 2014, I did what every LinkedIn member likely does at some point – update that LinkedIn profile.

LinkedIn did the math.

6 years, 8 months

That’s when I learned how much time I spent and how much additional experience I gained while at U.S. EPA Region 9 (Pacific Southwest).

EPAReg9_website pageThis post includes a bullet list highlighting select EPA experience gained over my nearly 7 years at Region 9 –

  • Permit projects
  • PSD completeness evaluation
  • Process improvement
  • Program involvement

– and my intent is to prepare a stand-alone, one-page for each of the above topics.

Qualifications through 2007. A continual part of the consulting business is presenting one’s qualifications. My R|CAT qualifications (quals) have been “on ice” since 2007. As part of my update, I have resurrected those quals and updated some (very few) of the content; it includes the following –

  • Addressing Emerging Power Generation Issues: Air Pollution Control Technologies, Bioenergy Fuels, Renewable Energy, and Climate Change – Greenhouse gases, renewable energy, activated carbon, bioenergy fuels, gas turbine air pollution control technologies, syngas and biodiesel
  • Environmental Communications: Presenting the Environmental Attributes of Energy Products and Services – Gas turbines and their pollutant control technologies, bioenergy fuels, distributed generation permitting and policies
  • Responding to Energy and Natural Gas Issues in San Diego CountyCompliance demonstration, variances, permitting
  • Ensuring Environmental Compliance for Existing Gas Turbine FacilitiesAsset transfers, permitting, hazardous materials, regulatory tracking
  • Emission Reduction Credits, Mitigation Strategies, and Emission Offsets – Credit trading issues and opportunities, offset requirements estimates and evaluations, mitigation strategies, guidance, banking applications, credit purchase support
  • Securing Air Permits: Construction, Operations, and Renewals for Natural Gas-Fired Facilities – Internal combustions engines, simple- and combined-cycle gas turbines, Title V permitting, distributed generation
  • Asset Acquisition and Development Projects: Working with Project Developers and Due Diligence Teams – Decision-making support, project configuration evaluations, consideration of environmental issues
  • Diesel-Fired Reciprocating Internal Combustion Engines: Project Feasibility, Permitting, and Compliance Management – Grid reliability program and support, catalyzed diesel particulate filter evaluations, regulatory implications for peak shaving, permitting

Highlights of EPA qualifications. For my quals, I have added a page as a placeholder for my EPA experience. (Click on the image to see better the content.)

Quals_EPA page bulletsComplementary experience. Based on discussions with colleagues, my understanding of the current environmental and energy regulatory framework and of the energy industry activities, much of my experience is quite relevant. Also, there is definitely added value given my federal regulatory experience.

During my time at EPA, there were several milestones for which I was directly or indirectly involved in the preparatory and/or follow-up activities. A few that come to mind (in no special order) –

– and there are many more. I intend to have (by March) my EPA quals added to complement my previous R|CAT experience.



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