{Year 2000} CO2 Reduction Plan

VINTAGE R|CAT, circa 2000
Part of restarting my environmental and energy management consulting practice has involved sifting and sorting through archived files – electronic and paper – reliving project memories, and deciding what to retain and what to recycle. This is part of refreshing R|CAT.

CO2 Reduction Task Force

chula vistaReducing CO2 is one of the strategies for minimizing climate change impacts and reducing global warming impacts.

VRCAT_CV CO2 Reduction PlanIn 2000, I was a member of the the City of Chula Vista’s CO2 Reduction Task Force, who prepared the City’s original CO2 Reduction Plan in November 2000.  As with most task forces that are formed, we represented a variety of perspectives, expertise, and industries; we volunteered our time.

Curious, I checked Chula Vista’s website to see what additional climate change related activities they are currently engaged.

No surprise. As expected, given Chula Vista’s culture, I see from visiting the City’s page that they continue to have a Climate Change Work Group.


Good memories. Nice to know that the Task Force efforts contributed as part of the City’s foundation for its climate change efforts.


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