Speaker – Presenting at EUEC on NO2/NOx In-Stack Ratio

Thank you to EUEC @EUEConference for the opportunity to be part of your 2015 conference in San Diego. I am looking forward to sharing and exchanging information, as well as reconnecting with many of my colleagues as I refresh R|CAT.


EUEC website over here

This post includes my abstract submittal, along with general information about the conference.

Want to talk about my presentation before, during, and/or after? Feel free to contact me.

EUEC 2015_Abstract_At the Intersection of NAAQS Modeling

My presentation is on Wednesday, February 18, in a morning session. I will be among four other speakers during the 2-hour session and the last to present among our panel.

EUEC Track A7

About the Conference

EUEC is, indeed, the energy, utility, and environmental conference to attend. (Conference information can be found on EUEC’s website over here.)

banner_speakers tracks

With the conference located in San Diego, California, having lived there, I can say that the weather typically is mild in February.

San Diego cityscape

There are so many choices of presentations to attend with ten subject matter tracks and three days of presentations, exhibits, and networking events.


As mentioned, I look forward to meeting with colleagues whom I have seen for nearly five to ten years. But for now, I am finishing up my presentation.

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